DRATF: Bieszczady Winter Adventure

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  • Place: Bieszczady National Park
  • Dates: 7-11.02.2019 (5 days)
  • Workshops leaders: Tomasz Przychodzień – facebook.com/tomasz.przychodzien, Piotr Lisowski – fotonmatic.pl
  • Price: 695 EUR
  • Group size: max. 8 participants /no cancellation guarantee – this workshop will run even if we have 1 participant signed up/


Bieszczady Mountains are one of the most picturesque places in Poland. During winter this remote area becomes even more inaccessible and rugged. Mountaintops covered with snow, cold winter winds accompanied by snowstorms, successfully repel regular tourists. For photographers constantly changing weather conditions, fogs and clouds overflowing the peaks during the winter inversions, create unique circumstances to photograph the most beautiful Polish mountains in its full glory. So.. if you’re not afraid of the cold and you’re ready for a photographic adventure meet us there at our workshops! Winter mountain experience is not required, it will be cold but not challenging physically! :)

During our tour you will see the most amazing places in Bieszczady accompanied by Tomasz Przychodzień and Piotr Lisowski. They will share their photographing experience with you showing how to tackle landscape photography regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro. You will learn the complete workflow of a landscape photographer – basic techniques, composition, how to get the most out of the current weather conditions, so your photos will start to amaze other people than yourselves :) During the time spent together we will photograph sunrises, sunsets and also practice astrophotography. We will show you advanced techniques such as exposure blending, perspective blending, ETTR, photo tricks invented by us, helping you to use all capabilities of your cameras.


  • sitting at home you won’t become a better photographer
  • you will get a possibility to learn landscape photography from the basics (composition, correct exposure)  to advanced techniques such as exposure blending, long exposure using filters
  • we will teach you how to plan the shooting (logistics, predicting weather conditions, location scouting etc)
  • you will get a lot of great tips and tricks allowing you to advance your photography to a higher level
  • we will share our patents and creative solutions such as using strobes in landscape photography, steel wool and many others
  • beautiful landscapes guaranteed or you’ll get your money back :)


So… what’s the plan? We will spend 5 days in the heart of Bieszczady Mountains, one of the most remote areas of Poland located near Slovak and Ukrainian borders. Place which used to be a hideout of all the kinds of outlaws and refuges several decades ago. Rich cultural folklore, mysterious Bieszczady legends circulating in the mind of Poles, make this place magical and one of a kind.

During our workshops we will hike to the most picturesque areas of Bieszczady – Połonina Wetlińska and Połonina Caryńska, Tarnica, Bukowe Berdo. and nearby peaks. Beginning of February gives an opportunity to shoot in peaceful conditions, almost without any tourist crowds. It will be snowy, the temperatures will be from -15 to 0 C degrees (rather around 0 to -5 but it’s difficult to predict at this point).  Winter inversions are likely to happen during that period, which means we might get a chance to climb one of the mountaintops and admire a sea of clouds below us. Mountain trekking will require basic physical condition, we plan a maximum of 4-5-hour hike. The schedule of workshops is adjusted to different fitness of participants, so everyone regardless of their physical condition, should handle the trekking. Just be sure to have proper clothing for cold weather!

During the workshops we will be accommodated mostly in Wetlina, but for sure we will spend at least 1 night at Chatka Puchatka – mountain refuge at the top of Połonina Wetlińska offering very basic accommodation standard, but also one of the most amazing views in Bieszczady Mountains (and opportunity to warm ourselves if necessary). During the tour, we will also visit the legendary local bars (ew. Siekierezada) and restaurants to try the best regional cuisine and drinks.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Draft itinerary (can be subject to change due to unstable weather conditions)

Day 1.: 7th of February 2017

Accommodation in a guesthouse in Wetlina *


  • the gear – what do we need the most in landscape photography and how to use the capabilities of your equipment
  • composition – how to consciously build the frame making your photographs interesting for the viewer
  • ISO, shutter speed, depth of field –  interdependence of settings
  • perspective in photography
  • depth of field, depth of image, hiperfocal length


  • getting to the trail
  • hiking to Połonina Wetlińska;


  • photographing the sunset
  • outdoor supper in a Chatka Puchatka mountain refuge at the top
  • night photography
  • night at the refuge

Day 2.: 8th of February 2017


  • wake up
  • photographing sunrise at Połonina Wetlińska


  • breakfast, rest, lunch


  • hiking down the trail
  • getting by car to the trail leading to Połonina Caryńska.


  • hike to Połonina Caryńska


  • photographing the sunset
  • night photography


  • hiking back to the parking lot
  • dinner
  • getting back to the guesthouse, sleepover

Day 3.: 9th of February 2017


  • breakfast, free time


  • introduction to Adobe Lightroom
  • complex post-processing using Lightroom
  • portfolio analysis of all participants


  • lunch in traditional local restaurant


  • steel wool photography
  • night photography

Day 4.: 10th of February 2017


  • wake up
  • getting to the trail
  • hiking to Połonina Wetlińska;


  • photographing sunrise at Połonina Wetlińska


  • breakfast
  • rest


  • hiking down the trail
  • getting by car to the trail leading to Wołosate


  • hike to Tarnica


  • photographing the sunset
  • night photography


  • hiking back to the parking lot
  • dinner
  • getting back to the guesthouse, sleepover

Day 5.: 11th of February 2017


  • wake up
  • getting to the trail
  • hiking to Połonina Caryńska;


  • photographing sunrise at Połonina Caryńska


  • breakfast
  • rest


  • hiking down the trail
  • getting back to the guesthouse


  • lunch


  • post processing, evaluation of images shot during the workshop
  • useful Photoshop tools to enhance Lightroom workflow


  • last supper at Siekierezada
  • getting back home *

*it is possible to arrange accommodation for 6/7.02. and 11/12.02 at 40 EUR additional cost.[/vc_column_text][vc_raw_html]JTNDaDMlMjBjbGFzcyUzRCUyMnNlY3Rpb24tdGl0bGUlMjIlM0VXaGF0JTI3cyUyMGluY2x1ZGVkJTNGJTNDJTJGaDMlM0U=[/vc_raw_html][vc_column_text]

  • photo workshop led by renowned photographers
  • chance of learning advanced photo techniques (basic ones as well)
  • extraordinary landscapes of Bieszczady mountains during the wintertime
  • unforgettable experiences and memories – chance to see real Bieszczady mountains, get acquainted with local folklore, visit legendary places in Bieszczady Mountains
  • possibility to rent photo equipment from www.n-rent.pl with 30% discount
  • local transportation
  • accommodation – guesthouses and mountain refuge (at the top of the mountain!)
  • entrance and parking fees


  • getting to Wetlina from your hometown
  • food – everyone has different needs and food preference so we will do the shopping together, go to the restaurant, but the final choice is up to you
  • alkoholic beverages
  • everything not mentioned in previous section


  • trekking equipment – proper shoes, rain jacket, down jacket, thermos, sunglasses, sleeping bag, gloves, headlamp and other equipment allowing you to stay few hours outdoors in winter conditions (the temperature can be from 5 to -15 Celsius degrees)
  • DSLR camera with set of lenses, filters (optional but can be useful), sturdy tripod (!) remote release cable, spare batteries, chargers, memory cards, cell phone
  • computer with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop installed (can be a trial version)


You can sign up calling us at +48 691 286 789 or by  email: lightguidesworkshops@gmail.com To confirm your participation you will have to make a down payment of 300EUR. We will provide you our banking details after accepting your reservation.

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