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The Idea

Our workshops differ from similar initiatives. We won’t put you in the line and teach how to make exactly the same shots as workshop leader, using the same camera settings. Millions of people do photography but only few of the images are unique and unforgettable. After our workshops we’d like you to come home with a set of photographs showing your own way of seeing the places we’ll visit during the time spent together. Most of the workshops focus on technique, all the participants try to do exactly the same, create a copy of whatever they others are doing. We won’t give you exact guidelines what photographs you should make. We don’t like that idea and that’s why we invented our own workshops. The creative process will be based on your own perspective, we will only help you find your photographic identity. Our main aim is to to help you use your cameras as a tool of presenting your vision of the surrounding world. Our workshops are based on 1 to 1 approach, small groups (max 4 participants / light guide) help establish individual relations, we can focus on each persons needs individually, which is crucial because all of you will come with different expectations, photo skills and approaches towards photography. Of course you cannot expect that during that short time spent with us you will become top photographers but beeing here with us will help you set the direction of development of your photographic skills, find your own aesthetics which pleases you. We promise you the time spent with us will be fun, adventurous and full of new experiences and tips which will help you develop your photography.

Light Guides

Tomasz Przychodzień

Tomasz Przychodzień

Born in '84 in Nowy Dwór Gdański, Poland. He gathered his photographic experience in over 20 countries. His passion to photography was linked with his travels which soon became a way of life. Since 2013 he is a member of Photographic Society of America (PSA). His works have been presented during over 50 exhibitions in 25 countries all over the world,

Piotr Lisowski

Piotr Lisowski

Award-winning photographer born in 1981. He started his photographic journey over a decade ago. He grabbed a top prizes at numerous photographic competitions such as XVII International Photo Biennale of Landscape Photography in Kielce, he is an owner of Polish Art Protographers Association medal. He specializes in landscape, travel photography, as well as aerial photography (kite photography)

"I found that while the camera does not express the soul, perhaps a photograph can"



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Tomasz Przychodzień

  • +48 691 286 789
  • tprzychodzien[at]

Piotr Lisowski

  • +48 605 999 502
  • fotonmatic[at]

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