Tailored workshops

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All of our workshops are based on individual approach towards every participant but if you wish we can offer you a tailored programme fitting your needs in 110%. Tell us what, when and where and we will take care of the “hows”. We will provide you tailored tuition helping you develop your photo skills in a fun way without boring lectures, complicated technical knowledge and other things usually offered in such courses that you don’t really need to become a great photographer. If you’re looking for: #adventure #beautiful landscapes and #quality time that’s what we love the most and we’ll be glad to assist you :)

So… what were you thinking about? Iceland? 1 to 1 workshops? Asia? Belarus? Astrophotography? Kite photography? Lightroom/Photoshop course? Integration photo workshops for your company? Not a problem :) Just tell us your idea and we will pack it with lots of photographic tips, share the experience of our guides with you and help you bring your photography to a higher level regardless your current level of advancement.

Regardless the place and getting there, the other costs are much below market price. We live in Poland so our rates are good and we also do it for fun so the more interesting the idea, the more space for negotiations of “light guide rental” cost is available :)

To get more details you can contact us. We speak English, Polish, Russian.

  • Tomasz Przychodzień – +48 691 286 789
  • Piotr Lisowski – +48 605 999 502
  • lightguidesworkshops@gmail.com

Have a good light!


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